Friday, March 13, 2009

Ladies, a few things to think about this week.

Saving on groceries is FUN right? Good now try to take your savings into other parts of your life... may I make a few suggestions? Great!

- One word,INSURANCE. Get a new insurance quote. I don't care if it's your best friend who you have your car,house,life ect insurance through... shop around! My husband and I were paying $136 a month just for car insurance and I thought we were getting a super good deal. I called the professionals at JRI insurance (801-766-4848) and now we pay $76 a month. Savings! So make this your goal this week. I do highly recommend JRI not only did we get a fantastic deal, the agents at JRI are fabulous, very nice and professional. Call them!

- Ladies, ladies, ladies.... no more hair color! The average woman spends $60 or more every other month to color their hair. Why not let mother nature take it's coarse? I haven't colored my hair in two years, and it's not so bad! I've actually had a few comments on my natural color... who knew? So stop right now.

- Nails, why do you have fake nails? Peel them off, shape and paint your own nails... $30 a month is what most women pay for a back fill.. a MONTH! Outrageous
AND I heard short nails are the new IN thing.

- It's getting nice outside, why do you need a gym membership? Cancel it! Run outside, get on your treadmill use household items as weights, create your own HOME gym. I have lost 10 pounds and 2 pant sizes by running outside or on my treadmill. Gym memberships are a waste... don't throw your money down the toilet.

- You have cable right? I'm not saying to cancel your TV just the primo channels. Turn off HBO, Showtime and high priced packages. This will save you $25 bucks a month... so, do it.

- Cell phone. UGH. I had t-mobiles $65 a month service... $65 really wasn't $65. I was paying them almost $100 a month!! CRAZY! I changed to Cricket. Some people bad mouth Cricket... why I don't know. I now get unlimited talk and text for $52 and it really is $52! I don't take a chance of going over on minutes... I talk all I want...this has saved me $50 a month. That is HUGE!

- Your using grocery smarts right... DUH! Thats the biggest savings of all!

So get going make changes and see the difference. This is called learning to surf in the economy. And it's fun... weird I know but saving is FUN.
Anyone else have other savings ideas or tips? Comments welcome!


  1. JRI is the best insurance agency ever and one of the owners is really hot. I can't give up my hair color, I won't but great ideas other wise. Stupid Gold's Gym has me roped into a 2 year contract. Total waste of money. I might want you to teach a class to my family and cousins--I'll call you.

  2. Kids clothes - locals sell for super cheap on local free classifieds like I bought 28 pieces for my 9 month old from somebody for $20. They all were in great condition (some even brand new) and it only cost me $.72 for each piece.

  3. Great ideas but why stop with the ladies? What about the guys and their weekly golf games and sports? And lets not forget all the activities we send our kids too. Why not teach the kids dancing, soccer and piano at home? Saving is a good thing but little perks make life enjoyable. The secret is to be wise and not spend beyond your means. If money is tight at home - it should be tight for everyone.

  4. Ladies are the number 1 consumer in the US, thats why we are starting with the ladies. I didn't ask us women to give up everything we do for our little enjoyments, like tanning, our diet cokes and those oh so fun girls nights out. The goal here is a little more breathing room. (and I don't think too many men are reading this blog)

  5. If you have to have your hair colored, buy the boxes, they're easy to do and last as long as the salon at a fraction of the price. You could have a girls night doing each others hair, mani's and pedi's.

  6. Im totally reading this blog! It's true short nails are in I love your tips to save money