Friday, February 6, 2009

Just clearing the air...

I have had a few Debbie Downers on the Grocery Smarts program and I would like to share my thoughts on these concerns:
1. Some are concerned with buying all these EXTRA Sunday papers just to get the coupons, yes yes it is wasteful. BUT did you know your schools get paid by weight for recycled papers? Take your papers to your local school, use then for paper mache, wrap gifts with them or use them as packing material. Don't not do the program because your caught up on the extra papers... be creative. I know you can do it! Sometimes you can even buy coupon inserts off of Ebay... check it out if your really nervous about the extra paper. Or call all your neighbors and family members if they get the paper chances are they are not using the coupons, get theirs.
2. "Nothing me or my kids eat is ever on sale" Really? You never have General Mills cereal? You don't eat frozen pizza or snack on potato chips? AND if you can buy a box of cereal for .25 I think your kids can try something new... don't you? Be adventurous, try new items, you just might like it.
3. "I don't like the thought of buying things I don't need right this moment" okay okay I must admit this one had me hung up for awhile as well. BUT think of your savings in the long run. Sure you don't need any Chicken noodle soup right this second, but in a few months you will, and it most likely won't be on sale when you need it. Stock up while it's cheap, it lasts 2 years at least. Same with everything else, don't need soap yet.. but I know you will! Get the deal while there is a deal. Stock up, you'll always have it on hand. This is also how you create that massive food storage that we all need.
I heard that some don't like to take the FREE items because you won't eat or use them. TAKE THEM! Donate them to local charities or food banks.. they are FREE to you! TAKE THEM, I'm begging you!
4. "I don't have time to clip coupons" OHHH but my dear friend, it dosen't take long at all. It takes me maybe 30 minutes a week. If you feel you are too busy to set aside 30 minutes a week, your NUTS! Time is valuable.. and so is money! Come on, you can do it... think of all the savings your getting for that little 30 minutes! I promise it is well worth it.
Any other things you need me to help clear your mind.. you just let me know!
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  1. Spread the word! I went to Albertson's for my FIRST time to try this coupon/in-store sale thing. My bill was $281... I started to get nervous... I ended up paying..... (drum roll) $135!!! No kidding! My savings were more than I paid! I saved over $140 - that's nuts! And I got great stuff! Do it! Try it!! Come on everyone - no excuses.